Dear GOP, You are Galvanizing Us!

Tonight I saw this came across Dean’s and my Facebook News Feed.


Seriously, I am so disgusted by this I could spit a few nails. Would these Make America Great people consider being good human beings? The answers is not, “but her emails”. Nor is it, “…well Obama…”

I  taught school for 15+ years and I can tell you this, whenever there is a fight to break up, there is most often that kind of blame shifting. I would stand my ground and simply ask each child what THEY did. We would talk about THEIR actions. We would then move on together and discuss if this was the way we should handle things, we would talk about changes we could make to correct the difficulty between the two parties. It worked. Over and over and over again, it worked. I had some tough students with very little impulse control but over time, they made appropriate changes and I was often asked, “How did you do that?”

It honestly is not rocket science. I would be miserable at rocket science. It is teaching children to be good human beings.

Now, back to these words from Facebook.

Dr. Ford is neither broken down or old and clearly her head gaskets are all functioning quite well. Even Mr. Trump himself said she was a credible witness. He appeared to even a glimpse of feeling when he spoke afterward. Well, this was him at a rally in Mississippi.  and the GOP MAGA crowd cheered. Did ANY of them actually listen to her? I seriously doubt it. Our President thinks this is okay. It is not.

  1. He’s lying about what she said
  2. He’s using a tone of voice that is unlike any used by her
  3. He calls the Democrats “evil” people – probably because Brett K. said that someone referred to him as “evil”.
  4. He’s using the same shitty tactics that got him elected in the first place.

From where I sit, this kind of rhetoric and dismissal of an incredibly intelligent woman, is exactly the fire we women need to become even more determined to fight. Thanks to this GOP behavior, we are literally more galvanized together. Every single time a man dismisses real pain like Dr Ford’s, we become more determined.

What even makes me more sick is that too many of these same men are the one’s posting about GOD and the gospel. Seriously?  I can’t even remotely imagine Jesus being anything like this.

A friend from NY posted this on her Instagram page – it was exactly the kind of words I was hoping for if Brett Kavenaugh was going to garner any support from me. I don’t care HOW we arrived at the moment of the hearing but the fact is, there we all were. Read these words and consider how different things would be had they come from his mouth.


Words like this, expressed with some amount of sincerity, would have done SO much to heal this country. Instead, Mr. Trump demanded that he go in there swinging after having chewed him out for his previous performance on Fox News. Again, seriously? THIS is America?

If you want to keep thinking of all of us as Jezebel incarnate, go ahead because it is only going to make us a more cohesive and functioning political force. By the way, Orrin Hatch called Dr. Ford and “attractive witness…she was pleasing,” he said. No one has mentioned whether Judge Kavenaugh’s attractiveness was important because clearly unattractive and displeasing men are believed using their wits alone.

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