Falling Upward – Book and Life Review

First there is the fall, and then we recover from the fall. Both are the mercy of God! — Lady Julian of Norwich

I have fallen. I am climbing up from the fall but it is a much more difficult climb than I expected. Every day I am forced to live in the present moment because thinking beyond the moment is often overwhelming.  I think often about how I used to remind myself that Jesus said not to worry about tomorrow because tomorrow will take care of itself. I thought I understood this a long time ago. Then I fell. Hard. Hard enough that I thought I might not get up again. The kind of fall that many tell me didn’t kill me so will surely make me stronger. I just smile when I hear these words because I don’t have the energy to say what I really think.

The kind of fall Rohr speaks of is one that happens to spiritual seekers in midlife after we think we have arranged our life to look and be just like we want it. I don’t know if his truths are universal, I do know that they came to me as I was falling and have become a manual for being alive right now.  I want to blog about the journey up from the fall so I’ll be writing bits and pieces as I go.

One thought on “Falling Upward – Book and Life Review

  1. Been there, done that … many times. I have a constant case of vertigo due to the imbalance of the fall. In fact, I usually don’t know if the dizziness is because I’m falling or getting up … or perhaps, falling up.

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