Parents OUT of the Waiting Room

Hannah’s  7 1/2 hour surgery is complete. The surgeon said he wasn’t sure how Hannah has even been able to eat like a normal person because the small bowel from her stomach was completely stuck to the abdominal wall, went around part of her back and was also stuck to one of her kidneys. He freed that up but had to removed that section of the bowel because it was so damaged. He said it had basically stopped working and gravity was the main force taking food down into her digestive tract. She’s likely been miserable for a long time but since it was her “normal” so she didn’t know any different.  He told us it was his most difficult case yet for a surgery like that.

We have been out of the waiting room for awhile and even had time to stop at a nice restaurant, eat some great dessert by a beautiful fountain and just enjoy a sunny beautiful day.

Thank you so much for caring for our family with your kind words, thoughts and prayers.

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