This is an emotion-driven post that I just have to get out of me…unedited and raw but so be it.

This week has been full of yet more reasons for me to simply tell Christianity to go to hell. Note: I did not say this to Jesus…or to God…but to this beast of religion that has replaced the Divine.

Where do I begin? The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, has come out with a ruling about same sex individuals being apostate and declaring that the children of same sex Mormon couples cannot get a baby blessing or baptism in the church. My Evangelical friends and family consider that this is an irrelevant issues because “we all know” Mormons are deceived and they aren’t really Christians anyway because Joseph Smith wasn’t really a Christian and the list goes on as to why this issue is not worthy of any normal thinking person’s time. Well…I’m clearly not normal anymore so I guess that must be why this matters to me.

Next on good ‘ol Facebook comes this video. Seriously? “Starbucks hates Jesus.” Seriously? A man with a t-shirt sporting an image of what Jesus looks like to him wearing a crown of thorns and the word colorblind smacked over his face really believes that because Starbucks, an international company with employees from many of those countries of color, who also makes coffee and its dearly loved pumpkin spiced latte for anyone regardless of color, or religion or gender or whatever as long as they plunk down the cash, determines to pay heed to their ALL of their customers by removing one specific religious greeting from their disposable cups and one can come to the conclusion that, “Starbucks HATES Jesus!”???? Did I mention that this lovely fellow also claims that he’s carrying his gun into Starbucks because they also HATE guns? After watching the theatrical performance I’m asking myself, was THAT what I was committed to for all of those years? Oy vey.

Then as if all this wasn’t enough religious gymnastics for one week, Dear Ben Carson says that the archeologists are likely wrong about the pyramids being tombs and that instead he has concluded, simply from his own mind and understanding of The Biblical story of Joseph in captivity storing wheat to save the Jews that the pyramids were built by him to store that wheat. I listened and said, “What?!, Did he really say that?” Gosh, he really did. Then tonight I read about someone finding out his “testimony” about money from his memoir was made up and how Evangelicals crave those stories so they readily believe them. My. head. was. spinning.

And then tonight it even got more strange when another person I admire shared a piece from a Mormon leader warning of the cost of discipleship being much more costly as the days grow darker…written in 1978 but reposted in light of the LDS church’s recent declarations.  This leader warns that the secular will become more important that following the Lord. I just have to say that I’ve rarely experienced more secularly religious people in my life as I have when I lived among the Mormons…Halloween is HUGE in Utah, mansions on the benches of the Wasatch are like no other, the arts are huge in Utah…secular is very IN there even though drinking, smoking or having sex before marriage isn’t a part of that, believe me, there is plenty of secular going in the land of Brigham Young. Somehow this LGBT issue is secular??

I don’t seem to get it but then I don’t get hardly anything about a lot of things that define themselves as Christian anymore.

I found a spiritual connection when I was a 16 year old and heard about a God who loved me, a man who died for my sins and asked me to follow him. As far as I can tell…most of us have gone so far away from that guy that if there is anything true in following…embracing…living out the life he introduced to us…I’m pretty sure that this isn’t it.

Have we all gone just plain nuts?

One thought on “What???

  1. The world will know we are Christians by our love. It’s okay to be upset. You should be. Once again God has been misrepresented by a group of misguided people in the name of religion. Been happening for centuries. Fortunately, there are some who stay true to God. Jesus said to love God and love your neighbor. Sounds pretty simple to me.

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