Sarah Palin…Oy Vey

Well…Sarah Palin will be busy by her husband’s side while he recovers from a serious accident with a snow machine. I’m not sure if that’s a snow mobile or a literal make snow type of machine but that’s irrelevant to this post and I don’t really care. I would like to care. I would like to like her.…or maybe I do and that is why it’s so hard.

I pretty much said, “Good-bye” to the Republican party in 2008 when Barak Obama was elected. I was so conflicted in my soul that year that I didn’t even bother to vote. The hot button issue for me was healthcare. Dean and I had borrowed money up to our ears and liquidated our assets in order to put our daughter through life-saving eating disorder treatment. Five years later and by unbelievable good favor of a lawyer in Salt Lake City who was insanely patient, we won our case against United Healthcare and were able to rebound.  The nightmare we lived through those five years was insane. I’m sure it took years off of our lives because dealing with an insurance company whose CEO at the time made $125,000,000 per year in salary and benefits (who was eventually fired for misconduct and is now the owner of a professional soccer team in the Twin Cities) really sucked. In addition we were dealing with an insurance company whose staff was trained to lie, trained to mislead clients and trained to deny claims. So, I guess you could say, Healthcare was a big issue for us in that election.

Facebook was also new to me that year. Remember the days when there were just a few pleasantly placed ads on your newsfeed and most of what you saw were posts from your friends? Well, that was the year when I reconnected with multiple Evangelical friends from home. We’d moved to another state three years before that and had chosen to attend a mainline Presbyterian church by then but friends are friends, right? So…I began to share my thoughts on why the issue of healthcare MUST be dealt with at the government level. At the time, I wanted the REPUBLICANS to tackle it because hey, we all know liberals can’t be trusted to do things in government, right?

As I shared my story, several of my CHRISTIAN Republican friends came unglued, unhinged or just totally lost it with me. It was really unbelievable that they heard so many things that I did not say simply because healthcare legislation was seen as an issue exclusive to Democrats. I had just one friend who actually thought about what I was saying and responded accordingly. We have been really good friends since! When she and I hash out an issue it is a blast because we can get emotional and agree or disagree and go on with life. Such was not the case with multiple people. The concept of being de-friended was strongly attached to my having been influenced by satan (no joke) in light of my liberal politics. It became utterly clear to me that my friends believed that God was a Republican.

Sarah Palin believes that too and as a result she is ooed and awed over by masses of Christian women around the country but all I can conclude is that these same women (and I’m sorry it has to hurt when I step on your toes) like her not based on the total substance of her platform but simply  because she is a Christian. That. is. all. When you talk about the substance of who she is and what she says…they have little or no idea. They know she likes guns. They know she fears God. They know she’s very rich. They know she is pro-life and supports abstinence based sex education… and that is all that is necessary for them.

Seriously, I don’t care what political party you are a part of,  if you are going to run for President of the United States of America, you need to know a whole lot more about a whole lot more. The Republicans I went to college with were really smart people. They were their parents children and they shaped by their Midwestern worldview but they fully engaged their brains when it came to discussing politics. What we are witnessing in the Republican political world is nothing like the party I grew up in. I still hate big government but I hate crooks even more and I especially hate crooks who make 9 digit salaries on the backs of those they insure by denying them coverage when they clearly should pay for it.

Sarah Palin was never meant to be in politics any more than Donald T is. In addition to that, her Christianity is not enough for me. In the mist of fame and fortune, she’s scattered all over the place. She rarely owns her real stuff like admitting that she just doesn’t understand some things very well, and she certainly knows very little about governing. She is on Donald Trump’s platform form as a Christian woman support person. It blows my mind that she, a mother with a special needs child would approve of a man who mocks a disabled reporter in a public forum let alone does all of the things he’s done and says all the things he’s said. The only thing that I can conclude is that she is grossly unaware of the things Jesus really said because I cannot possibly imagine he’s all that excited about what he’s witnessing these days as this election unfolds here in America.

And…God is not a white, male, American Republican…really.


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